Wednesday, July 6, 2011

when the wheel move up

as a human kind we have our well as our right on something...maybe, the wheel of mine moved up 45% again...maybe...
Alhamdulillah...i think (half confident when i am hitting my keyboard) i managed to get a good job for now..what is 'good' meaning to me? good new friends, good company, good working environment, good responsibility, good working hour and good for now..
and the wheel of my sister amalina also (for me) moved 160% up as she got 3.93 for he final exam..that number such a wow for me..and again..thanks to Allah...special congrats goes to my fantastic em...
and next wheel is azrel's...he got promoted...but his wheel keep on rolling up and down again because his job is not as light as mine as well as others'. i know he is tension. but right now (6.50pm) he is texting me!!!!! what a suprise...

ok..gtg..the excitement that i can't tell...i guess the wheel move up somehow (2%)

::the way the wheel of my life moving up and down::

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