Monday, October 8, 2012

Pregancy simptom i had and having #4

Its 36+ weeks now. Baby already into the passage and am expecting to be delivered early than the edd. Yeayy
Yeayy?? Somehow yeayy and somehow errr...
These few weeks i have this symptom: forgetfullness during pregnancy@pregnancy brain.
So ive no longer wearing watch bcoz all i dun know where did i put all my watches at. If maybe i remember, they are not with me now so juz forget it.

Talking about early delivery, braxton hicks seems so frequent now bcoz my baby is making his moves. It makes me even hard to walk now.
To add the fact, i suddenly caught with mild sinus. Agghhh.. Why now after 9 months? Allah sedang menguji.. Sabarr
Need to come back to office tmrw-after 2 days mc,weekend and a day work from home. Do some hand over before i can call it a year and proceed with my maternity leave.

Till that, daaa

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