Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It is Wednesday, August 24, 2011. Just finish a meeting this morning. Out of 25, I can figure out only 4 Malays was there. Ow ya got something troubling my mind since early in the morning.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

 It has been a while since I wanna own a tabloid. (was crush with iPad2 also..but was) The prior reasons are to have camera on my own and to give my lappy to my brother. (Are these the reasons applied when people buy tabloid (tablet) anyway?) And yes definitely I can online anywhere i want, anytime my online mood on. Ok, I was like always have lists on my wishlist and it was gone just like that. Lupakan jela Azliah. As if not committing on something and praying can have that tab. (or I wish that I have one camera before my convocation…desperately hoping) tsk tsk tsk…. LLLL

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