Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Project

This is a weekend story. First weekend after few of them used to travel here and there. So should be fully spend at hometown. To be specific stayed at home went nowhere. What did i do?

At last i managed to try the polka dot apam which for the first timer can be considered tasty and cute (rephrased testimonial i got from my kids cousins -_-)

Aren't them cute anyway? Well well....

And the second baking project was~~ Creme Choco Chip cake
Wallaaa~~ I spread the choc ganache for topping and sprinkled choc rice before finalized with those crunchy munchy walnut. Sila terliur yer.


What should i rename the above title for this custodial project? Anyway, it's all about putting all the wedding wishes inside an album. Buat benda ni boleh buat saya senyum sorang sorang baca semua ucapan ucapan tertulis dalam kad tu. After a month and half. Thank you relatives! Thank you friends! Thank you and love you all. Apa yang kelakar sangat?

Caption caption gelabah dari office mate. Perlu ke copy paste isi blog ni nak letak ucapan. Sungguh kekurangan idea betol la mereka ni.

See. Sekali 6 HADIAH dorang courier dari DHL. trimas so much kak hufi, hidayat and ady iranal.

Dari kawan kawan UiTM. Haha..

 Dari kawan sekolah dan isteri isteri serta anak anak.

And also some captured from my sweet relatives.

It is always blank everytime reaching the conclusion part. How could i conclude my neverending stories. Haha. See you little bloggy.

::The way i feel this is the longest write for the year. congrats azliah!::

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