Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bulan ke 7..

Lama dah tak update blog. Mesti stalker rindu. Haha sekarang banyak update instagram je. 
Anyway, farel turns 7 months now. How fast time flies. 
7 bulan jugak la saya duduk dengan parents and atok. I am 25, a mother, and a wife but manage by my mom.
Tq mak! Along sayang mak. 
Azrel is now base in Brunei and it is hard actually at first to adapt for this new chapter. I miss him even more. And everytime he is on leave we rarely have time to lunch together because i have to work and actually all messed up when he needs to baby sit azfarel. Allah.... Hard to explain but, we learned something. Azfarel needs more time to recognise his papa. 
Hey farel, papa willing to do anything for you syg.
After cry face. Result of staying all alone with papa. Am sorry syg, if only we have other choice. 

Am counting days for azrel will take off his flight home next week. 6 weeks are just too mean for me :(

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  1. awk stalk akak atau akak stalk awk.
    keep writing..its the only thing that is yours once you are a mother =P