Tuesday, September 3, 2013

HE will show the way

It has been a while and hey, am writing again. So many things were in my mind but they just flew away after a while. Maybe it is true as well that you will write once u’re boring. But am not into that phase now, just curious to write, curious to see if I am really boring.

Farel is now reaching his 10th months. Being a cute hyperactive little boy and smarter than I ever thought. He is a friendly baby who’s easy to make friend with and rarely being cranky. It is just he needs the food that u’re eating and he don’t want his food. He hates to be hugged too long as well, unless he is sleepy. He prefers you let him go and explore the world. Oh son!

I am thinking to take another option in life. Being traveling 140km/day now plus, I am expecting. That’s so clueless. Haha.Don’t wanna imagine travelling with back pain and terrible tiredness once home. That’s my plan for now and let see if I succeed to be a housewife.


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