Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's a fine day

It's a relief. I need to tell two big things to my senior colleague (since my boss is in Prague) even since last 2 months but i only have the guts today. 
I am pregnant and i am resigning soon. 
I can now officially tell people that hey, farel's gonna get a baby bro/sis soon because all this while (4.5) months, i keep it silent and put in glitter in the heart only for the sake of not revealing this happiest moments in life to my officemates. 
I am now a more than happy mommy. I am excited waiting bombing womb moment.

For the fact of pregnancy, and having my second baby i need to do a big sacrifice for my career life. When husband is away for work, I was travelling like for 3 hours a day (at least) to go to work with approximately 140km daily. And i need to leave my husband taking care of farel whenever he's on leave like for a month. 
It's nothing a matter maybe to some people but for me, this is my priority. 
Oh well, siapa yang tanak jadi wanita bekerjaya kan. Have your own money and wear nice clothes to work. But priority is always priority. I envy those working moms who's taking care of childrens and her husband working offshore. Remember people, having a husband who's working offshore is not small matter. U need to be beyond positive thus will lead u to a very happy life. I am lucky to have a very understanding husband. And the moment i write this last sentence, my husband is currently at the hospital bring farel for check up and i am here working, he is doing the same thing i'll do when he's away working. I love him! 

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