Wednesday, January 11, 2012

it's a double new life again

P/S: type sambil dengar aishiteru-his fav song of us

I miss knocking keyboard write all this feeling up. Maybe because to much idea made me changed my mind.
Hi...skang blog ni akan berunsur kekeluargaan dah kehidupan rumah tangga jarak jauh. And how does it feeling? I feel bless and i just love him even more after we get married.

I love when we have extra time to know each other.
I love when we travelled together and have great journeys from Rembau to Penang to Shah Alam to Putrajaya.
I love when he lead our solat. And i'd love to kiss his cheek everytime we done.
I love when he turned to be a very ambitous doctor when i felt sick.
I love when he drove me to work and I miss it so much.
I miss everything about my husband.

Alhamdulillah, at least we have two weeks to stay together before he went off to work. I'll be waiting until the next trip. Semoga ALLAH bagi kesabaran kat kami untuk tempuh cinta jarak jauh ni. Semuanya kerana Allah.

::I love my husband the way he is..::

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